At Adamstown Community College we aim to create a positive learning environment for all our students. Throughout their years in ACC, students will engage in meaningful learning activities that help develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for their learning.

Staff are committed to providing the best teaching approaches for their students, differentiating their teaching and learning strategies as needed. Staff at ACC take part in continual professional development, keeping up to date with best classroom practice. Adamstown Community College is an Instructional Leadership school, with many of our staff having completed extensive training in the Instructional Leadership programme. This is facilitated by Professor Barrie Bennett, author of ‘Graphic Intelligence’, ‘Classroom Management’ and ‘Beyond Monet’. The programme endeavours to initiate and facilitate systemic change, across all levels of education, by specifically aiming to;

  • Encourage teachers to consciously modify their instructional actions so as to maximise student learning.

  • Facilitate the conscious and deliberate utilisation of teacher actions – skills, tactics & strategies.

  • Foster an awareness of how a teacher’s actions can impact on student learning – motivation, novelty, authenticity, accountability & safety.

  • Re/Acquaint teachers with the extent to which learning is affected by; diverse learning styles, multiple intelligences, ‘at risk environment’ etc.

  • Enhance classroom management and encourage / support review –individual / subject department / school.