Adamstown Community College Student Council

Our 2022/2023 Student Council:

First year:
Ben Clarke 
Amelia Comiskey

2nd year:
Nathan Silveira 
Filip Tarach

3rd year:
Barry O Brien
Jessica Doyle

Elizabeth Johnson 
Dominik Kochanski

5th year:
Ife Jegede
Samson Olatunji
Fiona Bankole

6th year:
Platinum Akpaloo
Jessica Wang
Emmanuel Ogueri

The Student Council is a representative structure through which students can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. We believe that students have a valuable contribution in the running of the school. In turn, their involvement in the operation of the school is itself a valuable part of the education process for the students. Through the Student Council, we aim to create a sense of ownership of the school and its activities among the student population.

What are the aims of the Student Council?

Some of the functions of the student council are:
  • Representing the views of their peers to school management.
  • Advocating for students and their concerns with school management.
  • Promoting a culture of cooperation between students and staff.
  • Collaborating on and contributing to school policies.
  • Developing ideas for charity initiatives, fundraising, etc. 
  • Promoting and developing extra-curricular and sport initiatives.
The council is elected by the students consisting of representatives from each year group.