Junior Cycle

The new Junior Cycle features newly developed subjects and short courses, a focus on key skills, and new approaches to assessment and reporting. The Junior Cycle (1st - 3rd years) has been in reform since 2016 with all subjects being on stream at the start of the 2019-2020 academic year. The new Junior Cycle aims to have an inclusive and relevant education programme with improved learning experiences for all students, including those with special educational needs.

Adamstown Community College aims to provide our students with a broad range of experiences in their Junior Cycle that enriches their holistic learning. Students in first year will study the core subjects; English, Mathematics, Irish, Geography, History, CSPE, SPHE, PE, Ethics+Philosophy, Science, Spanish/French and Computer studies. They will also choose three additional option subjects from a range of subjects.

Please find attached the Key Dates, Calendar and FAQs for current 3rd year students 2021/22 and their CBAs.

Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs) FAQs.pdf

3rd Year CBA Calendar.docx.pdf


Below is information for parents and students on the Junior Cycle.


Information from the JCT

Information for parents - Polish

Information for parents - Romanian

Information for parents - English

Parents Information 1

Parents Information 2