Assessment is the process of generating, gathering, recording, interpreting, using and reporting evidence of learning in individuals, groups or systems, which relies upon a number of instruments and methods. Assessment at Junior Cycle places the student at the centre of the learning process allowing for new ways of learning and a broader range of skills to be assessed. (NCCA)

Assessment of learning is often referred to as summative assessment in that its intention is to provide a summary of the achievement/s of the learner. Assessment for Learning (AFL) is often referred to as formative assessment in that its intention is to form, shape or guide the next steps in learning. It is sometimes referred to as ‘learning to learn’. Assessment for Learning (AFL) focuses on students learning how to improve their own work by reviewing feedback and identifying what they've done well and how to improve, setting goals, redrafting and correcting their own work and giving feedback to others.

Teachers in Adamstown Community College use a variety of teaching and learning techniques in order to provide a wide range of assessment opportunities for students such as; sharing learning intentions, graphic organisers, traffic lighting, mind mapping, concept attainment, team tournaments, effective group work, peer review, self assessment, self reflection, formative feedback and SMART goals. Underpinning all of this is an understanding of Bloom’s Taxonomy which guides the development of questioning.

We have three set assessment times during the school year:

1. November Assessments

  • Our November Assessments are based on continuous assessment from September to November for 1st - 5th year students. This may include class tests, individual projects or group assignments. 
  • For 6th year students only, their November Assessments will consist of a one hour test in each subject to take place during the week of October 18th - 22nd 2021.

2. Spring Assessments

  • Our Spring Assessments are for all year groups and will take place as written examinations. These exams will follow an exam timetable during 10th - 18th February 2022.

3. Summer Assessments

  • Our Summer Assessments are for 1st, 2nd and 5th Year students and will take place as written examinations. These exams will follow an exam timetable during 25th May - 4th June 2022. 


Please find attached the Key Dates, Calendar and FAQs for current 3rd year students and their CBAs.

Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs) FAQs.pdf

3rd year CBAs Key Dates - Sheet1.pdf

3rd Year CBA Calendar FINAL.docx.pdf