Supervised Study at Adamstown Community College

Monday - Thursday 3:30 - 5:30 

At Adamstown Community College, we strongly recommend Supervised Study. It is very important for students to develop the habit of studying if they are to reach their full potential.

Supervised Study provides a valuable opportunity, under the guidance of our experienced teachers, for students to discipline themselves and to concentrate on homework and revision in a quiet, warm and friendly atmosphere. 

There are significant advantages to participating in the Supervised Study programme including the following:

  • Pupils who complete their homework regularly and thoroughly obtain higher grades in examinations

  • The regular completion of homework and study during the year leads to less stress prior to examinations and less confrontation between pupils and teachers over incomplete or late work

In addition, the Supervised Study programme offers the following benefits:

  • Study is carried out under strict conditions - pupils work individually and in silence

  • Good study habits are established and maintained from the outset

  • Homework is completed by 5.30 pm in most cases

  • The evening is free for other activities and parents do not have to worry about supervising homework

  • There is an opportunity for additional study if homework is completed in less than two hours

Please read the following guidelines which govern study prior to application. Application made through the online payment system. The study coordinator, Ms. Gillespie, will contact you separately after that.