2021/2022 Student Prefects

6th Year Prefects

How the election works:

  • 2 Prefects elected from each class (1 female and 1 male)

  • Election by classmates 50% and care team (YH & tutor) 50%.

  • From the group of Prefects a Head Boy and Head Girl elected (by staff)


1. Be a positive role model and set a good example at all times to other pupils through compliance with school rules, regular attendance, punctuality, appropriate dress and good presentation, responsible behaviour at all times, achieving a positive work rate and meeting deadlines with homework / coursework.

2. Exhibit positive personal qualities such as reliability, responsibility, leadership skills, communication skills, cooperation with both peers and adults, self-discipline, politeness, confidence to speak in public, helpfulness and be capable of earning the respect of peers and adults.


  • Assist their tutor/ teachers in disseminating information to their classmates.

  • Under the guidance of their tutor collect money for class trips/fundraising activities.

  • Liaise with teachers to address students concerns

  • They must report to the Office within five minutes of the start of class if class is without a teacher. 

  • They also have a responsibility to ensure that greetings are sent to any class member in hospital or leaving the school.

  • They represent the class at functions and on other occasions, they also meet and greet guest speakers.