A Welcome from our Principal

I would like to welcome you to our school website. Our most up-to-date notices can be found on the front page and you can track our latest photographs and extracurricular activities on the Twitter feed. If you have never visited the school, or are planning to become a student here, it is worth taking the virtual tour. You can wander around the school and even visit classrooms. We have a beautiful, modern building and are very proud of the way the school community keeps it looking so well. Also on the front page you will find a permanent link to our student management system, VSware. Using VSware, parents can access their son’s/daughter’s profile, can track attendance, can view school reports and also look at teacher comments.

As a school we are trying to move away from having cash and prefer electronic payment. It is important to note that our online payment system is separate to VSware and uses a different login. Again you will find the log in point on the front page. If you are having difficulty logging in, we have put together a useful step-by-step guide.

As you delve deeper into the website you will find lots of useful information and advice. Our school policies are available to view and are compiled through consultation with parents, students, teachers and the Board of Management. There is an ongoing review of our policies and they are updated through a process of consultation. 

I hope you enjoy your visit and that the website will give you some sense of our school which is a happy, vibrant place of learning.



Autumn Newsletter 2021

            I am very pleased with the way the school year has started and we have settled in nicely. A big welcome goes out to our 1st year students and I hope they will be very happy in Adamstown Community College. I would also like to welcome our other new students who have joined the school across the rest of the year groups. We are now seeing the effect of the new houses becoming available in Adamstown and our overall enrollment has increased above 950 for the first time since the school opened in 2009. We have employed a number of new teaching staff and I am sure they will make a big contribution to Adamstown Community College.


We are continuing with the strategies adopted last year to keep our school safe. Please read our Covid-19 response plan, on the website, to see the details of what we do. I am glad to report that we had very few cases of Covid-19 in the last school year. This was partly due to the vigilance of parents who kept their son/daughter out of school at any sign of illness. Please continue to be cautious. The Department of Education has produced an updated poster which you can see here. This poster lists more symptoms that need to be watched out for. It must be pointed out that even though many of the restrictions are being lifted in society we must continue to be careful in schools.

Students must wear a mask at all times when in school. Masks are also worn when students are outside during small break and lunchtime. It is very important that students bring their own masks to school. It is also advisable that students have a spare mask in their schoolbags. 

Enrolment for 1st Year 2022:

Our Admissions Policy is available on this website here. The enrolment process for incoming 1st years for September 2022 opens on 1st October 2021. Applications are accepted up to, and including, 22nd October 2021. Any application submitted after that date will be deemed late. You can apply to the school via an online form which will be available on the website from 1st October 2021. Alternatively you can fill in a hardcopy application form. This form will be available from the front office of the school but will only be accepted after 1st October 2021.

Before the introduction of Covid restrictions we would have visited our feeder Primary schools and would have invited parents and prospective students into the school for an open evening. We are not allowed to do either of these at the moment. Our staff have put together a series of short videos which hopefully will give you a flavour of what we do in our school and will help students to make informed option subject choices. Links to these videos will be put up on the website on 30th September. 

An assumption has been made in the past that if you have a child in one of our named feeder schools or you already have a child in this school that you will get an automatic enrolment into Adamstown Community College. This is not the case and it is necessary that we get an application for each student wishing to attend our school. 


Please note that the uniform and footwear requirements have not changed in any way due to Covid-19 and are set out in the uniform section of this website. In particular please note that a proper school jacket is part of the school uniform. We have also uploaded images of the correct footwear on the website in order to avoid any confusion. 

The school tracksuit can only be worn on the day that a student has PE class. For the other four days of the week the uniform must be worn. 

One of the best ways to avoid the spread of Covid-19 in our classrooms is to keep the rooms well ventilated. During warm weather this does not cause a problem.  As we head into the winter months it does mean however that the classrooms are not as warm as we would like. Any heat that is put on in the building is quickly lost because the windows are open. To compensate for this we are allowing students to wear their school jackets during the day and encourage students to layer up with several layers of clothes. As long as the outer layers have a school crest, students can have multiple layers underneath. I would like to remind you that our uniform supplier can provide a school body warmer as an extra optional layer. This body warmer is a particular colour and has the school crest on the front. 

Student Contribution:

The school contribution for 2021/22 may still be paid online through the school website or through the school office. Please contact the school if you have difficulty logging on to the payment site. The contribution is used to cover the cost of student journals, texts home, swipe cards, photocopying, subject resources, IT investment, student insurance, bus hire as well as covering the cost of mock examinations and corrections. 

Green Flag:

I am delighted to be able to announce that the school has won its second Green Flag. The second flag is based around the theme of water and water conservation. Well done to the Green Flag Committee and well done to the teachers who have been driving the project forward.

Leaving Cert 2021:

It was a particularly tough year for our Leaving Certificate group. It was a real test of their resilience but they came through it with flying colours. Well done and congratulations to them all.

Attendance and Punctuality:

Students are no longer using the front door as an entry point in the morning or as an exit point in the evenings. This is part of the traffic management system for the three schools in Adamstown. We are trying to keep traffic away from Castlegate Terrace, Castlegate Copse and Castlegate Downs. We request that students be dropped off using the Community Centre car park on Station Road.

We are currently using three exit and entry points to the school to facilitate the separation of year groups. All three are to the back of the school. Once school starts at 8:35am these entry/exit doors are closed. If a student is late, the only route into the building is via the front door. 


Our autumn assessment reports will be based on a continuous assessment model. For most subjects, students will be asked to submit three pieces of assessment work (homework, a project etc). Each piece of work is worth a maximum of 20% towards the autumn grade and the remaining 40% will be from a class test. 

This year our 6th year students, in place of continuous assessment, will sit a one hour written examination in the week leading up to mid-term. In subjects with two papers the teacher may schedule a second 1 hr exam. Both exams will be scheduled during the last week before the mid-term break. The student grade for the November reports for 6th year students will be based on performance under exam conditions. This group of students has had very little experience of exam time management and we feel they would benefit from this experience. 

David Anderson 

Principal, Adamstown Community College