A Message from our Principal


Central to everything we do in the college is teaching and learning. We have set standards for ourselves in the delivery of curriculum and endeavour to make it a good experience for students. We are an Instructional Leadership school but have also adopted “assessment for learning” as a teaching and learning tool in our classroom practice. Instructional Leadership strategies place an emphasis on group work and cooperative learning and teaches students to differentiate their questioning in an active learning environment. The College facilitates and promotes cross curricular learning and encourages the critical skills of independent research and problem solving. 


We have in place the resources needed to exploit the use of technology for learning and research. Every teaching space is equipped with interactive white board technology and investment in strong WiFi enables staff to manage their classroom in a flexible and active way.

The availability of VSware data to parents allows them to monitor their child’s attendance, academic performance and view reports and participation within the school. 


We have continually developed our range of extra-curricular activities over the past number of years and staff now offer an eclectic list of sporting, music, artistic, drama, culinary and other activities to our students. It is very important that each student in the school participate in at least one extra-curricular activity. This is critical for building their confidence, allowing them to engage with others in an informal way outside the classroom as well as building a positive identity with the college. 


Adamstown Community College has developed a pastoral care programme based on a class tutor model which I am happy ensures our students see the school as a safe and happy environment for them and a place where their individuality and the diversity they value is respected. We give students responsibility and guidance to set the standards which they themselves aspire to, both academically and in the way they relate to others. We think it is important that our senior students in particular develop the soft skills necessary to act as positive role models for the new students who come into ACC. Hopefully they view this not as burden but a privilege which allows them to develop as leaders and value democracy, self-esteem and teamwork. 


Mr Des Newton



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