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Andrew Flynn

Senior Cycle Enrolment

By Andrew Flynn on 11/01/2021


Programme Choice Selection for 3rd and Transition Year students is now closed.

If you need to chanage your selection choice, please contact your Year Head. 

To learn more about each programme, please read over our Programme Choice Presentation



Distance Learning

By Andrew Flynn on 08/01/2021

From Monday 11th January 2021, the college will be commencing distance learning in accordance with public health guidelines.  We are keen to support all members of our community through this time. We have created a new 'Distance Learning' tab and would ask all members of our community to visit this tab. 


Please ensure that both students and parents are regularly checking all school communications to ensure you are aware of any updates. 


Should you or your child have any issues accessing the distance learning provision, we would ask parents to contact the school or tutors within allocated school times.