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Restorative Practice is a values-based philosophy which honours the understanding that we are profoundly relational, interconnected and inherently good. Restorative practice has its roots in indigenous communities, even in Ireland in Brehon Law when people would work in community. The relational practices and explicit language aim to consciously build relationships and respond to harm /conflict in a way that honours relationships which CONNECTs us to our best selves and to one another. Relational thinking is key - encouraging high expectations to be our own best self and offering the support and care we need to reach this potential. The intention is to develop a culture of empathy, care, respect and accountability that allows people to flourish and connect in community. 

Here at Adamstown Community College we are committed to being a relational community. We fully believe in cultivating this whole school approach that honours the understanding of Restorative Practice as an inherent part of our school community. We are encouraging every stakeholder in our school community from staff, students, parents and the board to engage in restorative practice as a way of being. We see and feel the benefits of this in our school environment everyday. 

RP at Home

You are invited to engage with this 10 part learning module for parents/guardians about modelling Restorative Practice (RP) at home. We feel they might be as relevant in the sitting room as the classroom so we wanted to share the RP love with you all :-)!


RP in Action