Jigsaw One Good School

We have recently earned the Gold Award for Jigsaw’s One Good School Programme™. This is an initiative which supports the mental health and wellbeing of young people by developing a shared responsibility across the whole school community.

This initiative provides a broad range of evidence-informed activities for all those within the whole school community, including school leadership teams, teachers, parents and students. The initiative has been delivered through interactive workshops, webinars, online tools and resources, peer education programmes and more.

The implentation of Jigsaw’s One Good School™ initiative supports schools in meeting the expectations of a multi-component and whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing which have been outlined in national policies. 

At the end of a two-year cycle, our Gold Award acknowledges the efforts and commitments that all members of the school community have demonstrated towards promoting and supporting youth mental health and wellbeing. We are so proud of everyone that has been a part of the school community in helping us to devise and implement our action plan. We have proudly reached our goal to develop our school as a safe environment that prioritises mental health and wellbeing.